Israeli Politician Posts Alleged Map Of Trump’s ‘Deal Of The Century’


Israeli politician Naftali Bennett released a map of the U.S. administration’s “deal of the century”, which shows the alleged future border boundaries in the West Bank.

Bennett tweeted the map on Sunday morning, alleging that the territory highlighted in black represents Palestine and the white Israel.

Naftali Bennett posted this map on Twitter, claiming it represented Trump's "Deal of the Century".

The leader of the “New Right” and former Israeli Minister of Education called out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the deal, asking him why the peace plan is being released after the Knesset elections, which begin next Tuesday.

Bennett stated that this map, if true, is a disaster for the State of Israel, claiming that Netanyahu ceded the West Bank to the Palestinians.

The former Israeli minister said that there is a threat to the Israeli settlements that will remain after being surrounded by the Palestinians, warning of the danger of dealing with the U.S.-sponsored peace plan.

Bennett asked: “Why does Netanyahu hide the publication of the map? Why did he agree to delay publication?”

Bennett wrote alongside the map he presented:

“This is the ‘Deal of the Century’ that will hit us immediately after the election.

Black - Palestine. Over 90% of the area.

White - Individual ‘islands’ in an ocean of Palestine. Surrounded 360 degrees by Hamas, Tanzim, the PLO.

A nightmare for every resident of Ariel, Ofra and Kiryat Arba. The end of settlement.

Only Yamina [party] will stop the plan for islands in Palestine."

Netanyahu has yet to respond to Bennett’s claims; however, he recently stated that he has plans to annex the Jordan Valley, which prompted outrage across the Arab world.

Israeli politician Naftali Bennett

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Meanwhile a US official has disputed the authenticity of the map, via The Jerusalem Post:

A senior US official has told The Jerusalem Post that the map claiming to be part of US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” that was shown Sunday by Yamina chairwoman Ayelet Shaked and others from the party was "never before seen.

"The map posted by Naftali Bennett today on twitter and his claim that this represents the vision for peace of the Trump administration is highly inaccurate," the official said.

Perhaps after this coming week's elections, we'll finally know.