Texas COVID Deaths Top 10,000 As Hospitalizations Slow: Live Updates


  • Texas sees deaths break above 10k
  • Cali sees deaths lowest in 4 weeks
  • Arizona reports fewer than 500 new cases for first time since May
  • US deaths surpass 1k for 5th day
  • Italy closes nightclubs
  • India passes 50k deaths
  • Australia suffers record death toll

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Update (1715ET): According to the preliminary daily count from Johns Hopkins & BBG, coronavirus cases in the US climbed by 0.8% Monday to 5.42 million. The increase was lower than the average daily gain of 1% over the past week. Deaths rose by 0.3% to 170,277, breaking above 170k for the first time.

Texas reported the biggest milestone of the day as it joined California, New York and New Jersey as the fourth state to pass 10,000 deaths. Even though Florida is close behind, hospitalizations in Texas have continued to decline.

Twenty-four states across the U.S., including Texas, Georgia and Florida, have seen cases of the novel coronavirus decrease over the past two weeks. They aren't alone: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Washington DC have also seen a decrease in cases over the past two weeks.

In the Northeast, the COVID-19 transmission rate broke above 1 again in New Jersey on Monday days after Gov Phil Murphy declared that the state would run its November general election via the mail.

California reported 6,469 new cases Monday, a 1% increase, which was less than the 14-day average of 8,081. There were 18 additional deaths, the lowest daily tally in four weeks, though numbers on Mondays tend to be lower because of weekend delays in reporting.

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Update (1033ET): As the number of confirmed cases continues to fall across Florida, including in hard-hit Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, Florida reported its lowest daily tally since June yesterday, capping off a decline that has seen daily tallies reduced by 50%.

The state reported just 3,779 new cases on Sunday, the lowest daily tally since June. Now, as we await the latest numbers on Monday, Arizona has reported just 468 new cases, along with zero new deaths.

It was the first daily tally since May to reflect fewer than 500 new cases, and the new numbers took COVID-19's tally to 194,000 along with 4,506 deaths, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Meanwhile, in Japan, Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said he has seen no evidence that the coronavirus has become less virulent and infectious. He urged people and officials to take all necessary precautions and the government is taking the rising tallies in Tokyo and Osaka very seriously.

As we mentioned earlier, Germany is exploring the possibility of keeping unemployment subsidies to protect jobs for longer as a spike in cases in recent weeks raises the specter of renewed restrictions on economic activity.

We first reported on President Jacinda Ardern's plan to delay New Zealand's election last week. But on Monday, the New Zealand government officially delayed the vote, further underlining the media's logic that delaying elections is okay as long as the politician delaying them embraces 'progressive' views. The vote was delayed 4 weeks until Oct. 17.

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When the world looks back on the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the virus's conquest of Lombardy, the northern Italian region surrounding Milan that's known as the locus of Italian industry, will likely be remembered as a catalyst of the terror that quickly spread across Europe and the US.

And now, after COVID-19 cases have steadily crept higher in recent weeks, it looks like Italy is preparing to to start reimposing restrictions on nightclubs and bars just after unveiling plans to re-start in-person learning across the country.

Italy isn't alone: France, Spain and Germany have all reimpose restrictions ranging from partial localized lockdowns to mandatory mask orders to restrictions on travel over the past few weeks as the number of new cases has started to bounce back across Europe.

Specifically, Italy is shutting bars and nightclubs for three weeks and making it compulsory to wear a mask outdoors at night in some parts of the country where new cases are increasing. The restrictions are similar to the nightlife rules imposed by Hong Kong to combat its "third wave" of the outbreak a few weeks ago, as younger people are largely emerging as the primary drivers of these latest outbreaks.

While the median age of new infections has dropped below 40, the number of new cases reported over the last week has doubled from three weeks ago.

Just a few days after passing 2.5 million cases, India reported 941 new COVID-19 deaths, bringing the country’s total north of 50,000. India is in fourth place globally in terms of the death toll.

India has the fourth-highest number of deaths globally, after recently surpassing the UK's tally. The virus's spread continues to accelerate through the world’s 2nd-most populous country, with the total number of confirmed case at more than 2.6 million, the third most in the world.

After reporting its largest batch of new cases in 5 months yesterday, South Korea reported 197 more cases of coronavirus on Monday, amid a flareup of infections. The country warned over the weekend of another mass infection after reporting the highest number of coronavirus cases since early March, most of which are linked to an outbreak at a church in the capital.

In the US, deaths topped 1,000 for the fifth day in a row.

Finally, Australia suffered its deadliest day yet, with 25 deaths recorded in the state of Victoria, home to Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne...

...which is presently the epicenter of the country’s worst outbreak yet.