"Zero Tolerance": Germany To Start Forcibly Deporting Dangerous Migrants After Cop Dies In Stabbing

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 09, 2024 - 11:35 AM

In response to last weekend's terrorist stabbing at a counter-Jihad meeting in Mannheim which left one officer dead - and a second stabbing of an AfD politician in the same city, (and not years of terrorist attacks, having to close public pools and double-digit increases in crime among non-Germans), Chancellor Olaf Scholz - a leftwing social democrat, announced a new 'zero tolerance' program which will deport criminal migrants or those "who venerate them."

"Anyone who threatens our freedom and disturbs our peace should be afraid," Scholz said in in a Thursday speech at the Bundestag, where he announced that foreigners who commit serious crimes in Germany are no longer welcome - regardless of whether they're refugees or seeking asylum, The Spectator reports.

The Chancellor announced that the German Ministry of the Interior is drawing up plans to make it easier to deport foreign-born dangerous individuals and serious criminals to their home countries, even if they come from warzones or countries controlled by authoritarian regimes such as Afghanistan and Syria. ‘Such criminals should be deported – even if they come from Syria and Afghanistan,’ Scholz confirmed.

"In such cases, Germany’s security interests outweigh the interest of protecting the perpetrator," Scholz declared, adding "Anyone who takes advantage of our protection, like the perpetrator in Mannheim, has forfeited our protection. There is zero tolerance for that’. They must ‘feel the full force of the law."

What's more, Scholz added that "Anyone who glorifies terrorism is going against all of our values ​​and should be deported."

Of course, in January Scholz slammed an alleged suggestion by an Austrian politician at an AfD meeting that Germany should deport "unassimilated" migrants (which AfD has made clear is not party policy)," calling it a "diabolical plan," and saying "The thought of it sends shivers down one's spine."

Scholz, Sunak and... Trump?

Germany's new policy echoes that of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's deportation scheme which will send Rwandan asylum seekers back to their country to have their claims processed. While Sunak's plan is aimed to broadly deter migrants from Rwanda, Scholz is only focusing on migrants who have, or want to, or support committing crimes.

Meanwhile, after the Biden administration welcomed what's estimated to be in the tens of millions of illegal migrants into the United States, former President Trump says that if he wins the November election, he'll begin mass deportations - including those trying to "bring jihadism or anti-Americanism or antisemitism to campuses,"

That said, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Trump will "deport hundreds of thousands of people" living illegally in the United States.

Back to Germany

According to The Spectator, Scholz' policy has been in the works since at least early 2023 following a terror incident in Brokstedt, North Germany in which a Palestinian man attacked passengers on a train in Brokstedt, northern Germany, killing two teenagers and injuring several others.

Germany spox Maximilian Kall went further into detail on the new policy, saying that there are currently 480 individuals classified as 'dangerous' by the German government who would be eligible for deportation. He did not elaborate on how many criminals will now fall under the new policy at this stage.

Kall clarified that it would not be a case of deciding whether to either deport or imprison criminals of foreign nationality in Germany. These individuals would still be required to serve most of their sentences in Germany first before being deported.

Scholz’s policies will reverse current German law which, in line with the Geneva convention on human rights, prohibits the deportation of individuals to their home countries if they are warzones or if they are at risk of death, torture or inhumane treatment upon their return. Germany ceased deportations to Afghanistan in 2021 following the Taliban’s take-over of the country. -The Spectator

According to the report, Scholz's new plan will take some time to implement (shocker!), because among other things, it will 'require the cooperation of foreign governments and regimes such as the Taliban to accept their nationals back.'

What's more, Scholz did not elaborate on the logistics of his plan when pressed by the Green party.