Market Rally Fizzles As Old Fears Return

While global markets remain largely a sea of green, ignoring the threat of a trade war between the US and the rest of the world the move higher has been more muted overnight as some familiar risks have re-emerged.

  • Jun 5, 2018 7:14 AM

"It Was Wall Street Meets Apocalypse Now": Why Palantir "Knows Everything About You"

"Hacked emails released by the group Anonymous indicated that Palantir...pitched outside lawyers... on a plan to snoop on the families of progressive activists, create fake identities to infiltrate left-leaning groups, scrape social media with bots, and plant false information with liberal groups to subsequently discredit them..."

  • Apr 20, 2018 8:05 PM

Trump Slaps China With $50 Billion In Tariffs

President Trump will fire the first shots (retaliatory or not) in the new global trade war today as he announces plans to crack down on China with what is expected to be $50 billion in tariffs, controls on investment, and possible visa restrictions.

  • Mar 22, 2018 1:05 PM