Jim Jordan Asks If "Weather" Is Reason Behind American Airlines Flight Cancellations

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 01, 2021 - 07:10 PM

After American Airlines Group canceled more than 2,000 flights over the last several days, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, asks if the cancellations were actually because of "weather." 

Jordan tweeted"All these flights aren't being canceled because of "the weather."" 

As of 1100 ET Monday, American canceled 340 flights, amounting to 6% of its total flights. Over the weekend, the airline scrubbed 1,900 flights, leaving thousands of people trapped at airports across the country. 

American blamed severe weather in Dallas, which drove cancellations at other airports. It also said staffing shortages made it more challenging for the airline to recover due to robust demand for air travel. 

The latest cancellations from American follow Southwest Airlines, which canceled thousands of flights in early October due to "weather." Still, it turned out that pilots and crew staged a sickout over vaccination mandates and triggered a shortage of staff. 

We were the first to cover flight delays or cancellations due to labor shortages among American in mid-August. 

The latest Transportation Security Administration checkpoint travel numbers show air travel has nearly recovered from pre-pandemic levels as people take vacations though businesses travel still lacks. 

At the same time, airlines, crushed by the pandemic, had to rebuild operations as vaccines quickly made people more comfortable traveling. However, many airlines struggled to bring back workers, such as flight attendants, ground staff, and pilots. Labor shortages are proving to be disruptive even if inclement weather is seen. Vaccine mandates for carriers have also worsened labor woes. 

Jordan is right. People should question if "weather" is actually to blame for flight cancellations or if there is something else, such as labor shortages made worse by the vaccine mandate. 

Suppose you're going to fly in the near term. Do some research on the carrier you plan to use to see if labor shortages or rebellious crews have staged sickouts because it could ruin your vacation.