Videos Of Tesla's Full Self Driving Beta v10 Surface, Showing The Same Dangerous Mistakes As Previous Versions

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Sep 13, 2021 - 08:32 AM

Meet Tesla's new "Full Self Driving 10", same as the old "Full Self Driving 9".

Despite consistent promises of each iteration of Full Self Driving becoming more and more "mind blowing", as Elon Musk once said on Twitter, videos of the company's latest beta are starting to surface online and - surprise - it still doesn't look like the company is anywhere near mastering any type of "full self driving", no matter how you want to capitalize the name.

Ergo, the world's largest bait and switch - collecting $10,000 deposits for a feature that isn't anywhere near being close to what Elon Musk has repeatedly promised - continues.

One set of clips posted to Twitter on Sunday showcases a driver exclaiming that the new version is "so bad" and "unequivocally worse than 9.2".

Another video shows more of the same types of mishaps we are used to see from FSD. In this instance, it shows a Tesla turning directly into oncoming traffic.

There's also an FSD Beta 10 video showing a Tesla apparently getting ready to drive directly though a red traffic light into traffic.

Another "beta test" of FSD v10 video shows the "feature" nearly running a Tesla directly into a "ROAD CLOSED" sign, until the driver has to manually intervene.

The same account counted 18 disengagements and interventions in an 18 minute run of the new Full Self Driving.

And so it appears we are back at square one - or square two - or square 8.0 and 9.0 - with Full Self Driving: the feature simply doesn't seem to work anywhere near as advertised and routinely appears to put drivers in precarious and/or dangerous positions.

We would hold out hope about the NHTSA's formal investigation into Tesla's Autopilot feature, but the regulators have let the circus get this far and it's far easier to let the boy wonder Elon Musk off the hook with a immaterial settlement than it is to take drastic action. Just ask the SEC.

Until then, if you see a Tesla on the road, it's probably best to give it a wide birth.