Complete Fed Failure: Retail Investors Pull Out Most From Domestic Equity Funds In Two Months

Just as we had suspected for months, Bernanke's attempt to herd cats and to drive retail investors into equities is now a complete and unmitigated catastrophe. According to just released ICI data, in the week ended September 26, the second full week after the announcement of QE3, retail investors pulled $5.1 billion from domestic equity funds, following a massive $4.8 billion outflow the week prior, and the most in 2 months. This is also the sixth largest weekly outflow in 2012 to date, a year in which over $100 billion has already been pulled from equity mutual funds. And since we now know that Bernanke's only motive for QE3 is to stimulate a wealth effect and to push everyone into the broken casino, where such trading farces as Kraft's flash smash today, as Knight Capital's implosion a month ago, and FaceBook's IPO, not to mention the virtually daily Flash Crash in at least one name, have killed every last shred of faith in equities, it can be safely said that QE3 has failed three short weeks after being launched. As to where the money did go: why taxable bonds of course - not even the "dumb money" is that dumb to go where the Fed tells it to, and instead merely does what the Fed does: it keeps on frontrunning the Fed's monetization of the US deficit, which is now going on for the 3rd year in a row. Eventually "this time may be different." But not yet.