Meanwhile, In Bahrain...

It appears social unrest is resurgent on the streets of Bahrain once again.  Following the funeral procession earlier in the week (of a young boy who died in earlier street battles with police), protesters are once again gathering and marching to the Pearl Roundabout. Police are active with tear gas and fires are breaking out... via Twitter: #Bahrain is in chaos.

Crowds are gathering... (h/t @ALWEFAQ)


Police are actively dispersing the crowd... (h/t @Peacelooving)


with tear gas in the cemetery of the martyr... (h/t @ALWEFAQ)


and the streets... (h/t @ALWEFAQ)


and the protesters are resonding... (h/t @AhmedAli)


It seems the police did not get away undamaged... (h/t @MazenMahdi)


and despite the tear gas and shotgun blasts, youths are gathering ince again... (h/t @SanabisYouth)


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