Guest Post: America’s Hijackers – Where Are They Now?

Submitted by Mark McHugh of Across The Street blog,

Spoiler Alert: They’re mostly still in office  (so much for building suspense).

On October 3, 2008, 338 elected officials (263 House reps, 74 Senators and 1 President) took it upon themselves to save America from certain financial doom by passing the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, completely ignoring the will of the American people,  opting instead to fulfill a Thomas Jefferson prophesy:

“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” 
~ Thomas Jefferson

Texas representative Ron Paul had this to say:

“The money for this bailout does not just materialize out of thin air. The entire burden will be borne by the taxpayers, not now, because that is politically unacceptable, but in the future….our children and grandchildren will be burdened with increased taxes in order to pay that increased debt…. For years, many people have been warning about the housing bubble and the inevitable bust. Congress ignored the impending storm, and responded to this crisis with a poorly thought-out piece of legislation that will only further harm the economy. We ought to be ashamed.”

The most memorable component of that piece of treason legislation was the $700B TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), which was scrapped by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson 11 days later in favor of the Capital Purchase Program (CPP), which injected money directly into banks.  In February 2009, new Treasury Secretary Turbo Geithner ended the CPP and announced the Capital Assistance Program (CAP), which also blasted money directly into banks.

Fun Fact: Hankenstein Paulson worked at Goldman Sachs for 32 years and served as Treasury Secretary for 31 months.

So TARP never happened; making discussions of the program’s merits every bit as psychotic as analysis of Ross Perot’s presidency, but that didn’t stop CNBC from having a birthday cake for TARP, nor does it prevent politicians from claiming that the fictitious program was somehow profitable.  To make that claim, you must use accounting techniques pioneered by Homer Simpson in “Lard of the Dance” :

Homer Simpson: Okay, boy. This is where all the hard work, sacrifice, and painful scaldings pay off.
Employee: Four pounds of grease… that comes to… sixty-three cents.
Homer Simpson: Woo-hoo!
Bart Simpson: Dad, all that bacon cost twenty-seven dollars.
Homer Simpson: Yeah, but your mom paid for that!
Bart Simpson: But doesn’t she get her money from you?
Homer Simpson: And I get my money from grease! What’s the problem?

Some of us prefer using this one:

Q: Since the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 explicitly states that all profits from TARP be used to pay down the National Debt, the true measure of the program’s success can be found at the Treasury’s “Debt to the Penny” website.  How much of the national debt has been paid off since October 3, 2008?

A: Negative Six Trillion Dollars.

Fun Fact (if you’re into child abuse): America’s kids have been saddled with more debt in the past 48 months than the Nation accumulated from the signing of the Declaration of Independence to 9-11-2001 (225 years).

That $6 Trillion in debt has produced a grand total of $1.17T in nominal GDP growth ($361B in chained 2005 dollars).   Using the nominal, each dollar of GDP growth has cost taxpayers $5.13 (assuming you understand that deficit dollars are tax dollars put on a deferred-payment plan.  A concept  Greece and Spain are just now beginning to grasp).

EESA-approving-congressman-turned-Chicago-Mayor Rahm Emanuel observed:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before (i.e. Looting the Country in broad daylight without passing a budget).

Which brings me to the point:  Despite all the kicking, screaming, TEA-partying and Occupying, of the 338 elected officials who saw fit to pass the EESA, no less than 229 still hold public office:

  • One became President, one didn’t.  
  • One’s Vice-President, one wants to be.  
  • The speaker of the House and the House minority leader swapped titles after both voted in favor of the bill.  
  • Two have already been promoted to Senator and 5 more currently running for that privledge.
  • One got demoted to Secretary of State while another got demoted to Mayor of Chicago.
  • One retired to a 1600 acre off-the-energy-grid ranch in Texas, 23 more will join him in retirement in January 2013.
  • 168 face re-election next month.

The next un-funded war is already in the works and there’s another economic crisis on the horizon.  The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” is what happens if we DON’T continue $Trillion-plus deficits, and I must admit I find myself somewhat in awe of how grossly mis-framed this discussion has become.

So here’s your opportunity to reward these (heroes/traitors) as you see fit, because every nation gets the government it deserves.

 Senators who voted in favor of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:

Lisa MurkowskiRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Ted StevensOut of office
Blanche LincolnOut of office
Mark PryorRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Jon KylRetiring
John McCainRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Barbara BoxerRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Dianne FeinsteinRunning for re-election
Ken SalazarOut of office
Christopher DoddOut of office
Joseph LiebermanRetiring
Joseph BidenVice President
Thomas CarperRunning for re-election
Mel MartinezOut of office
Saxby ChamblissRe-elected 2008 (2014)
John “Johnny” IsaksonRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Daniel AkakaRunning for re-election
Daniel InouyeRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Charles “Chuck” GrassleyRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Thomas “Tom” HarkinRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Larry CraigOut of office
Richard DurbinRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Barack ObamaPresident
Evan BayhOut of office
Richard LugarLost renomination
Mitch McConnellRe-elected 2008 (2014)
John KerryRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Benjamin CardinRunning for re-election
Barbara MikulskiRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Susan CollinsRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Olympia SnoweRunning for re-election
Carl LevinRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Norm ColemanOut of office
Amy KlobucharRunning for re-election
Christopher “Kit” BondOut of office
Claire McCaskillRunning for re-election
Max BaucusRe-elected 2008 (2014)
North Carolina
Richard BurrRe-elected 2010 (2016)
North Dakota
Kent ConradRetiring
Charles “Chuck” HagelOut of office
Ben NelsonRunning for re-election
New Hampshire
Judd GreggOut of office
John SununuOut of office
New Jersey
Frank LautenbergRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Robert “Bob” MenéndezRunning for re-election
New Mexico
Jeff BingamanRetiring
Pete DomeniciOut of office
John EnsignResigned
Harry ReidRe-elected 2010 (2016)
New York
Hillary ClintonSecretary of State
Charles SchumerRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Sherrod BrownRunning for re-election
George VoinovichOut of office
Thomas CoburnRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Gordon SmithOut of office
Robert CaseyRunning for re-election
Arlen SpecterOut of office
Rhode Island
John “Jack” ReedRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Sheldon WhitehouseRunning for re-election
South Carolina
Lindsey GrahamRe-elected 2008 (2014)
South Dakota
John ThuneRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Lamar AlexanderRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Bob CorkerRunning for re-election
John CornynRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Kay HutchisonRetiring
Robert BennettOut of office
Orrin HatchRunning for re-election
John WarnerOut of office
Jim WebbRetiring
Patrick LeahyRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Patty MurrayRe-elected 2010 (2016)
Herbert “Herb” KohlRetiring
West Virginia
Robert ByrdOut of office
John “Jay” RockefellerRe-elected 2008 (2014)
Wyoming (no “yes” votes)

House Representatives who voted in favor of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:

Alaska  (0 of 1)
Alabama  (6 of 7)
Jo BonnerRunning for re-election
Terry Everettout of office
Michael “Mike” RogersRunning for re-election
Robert “Bud” Cramerout of office
Spencer BachusRunning for re-election
Artur Davisout of office
Arkansas  (4 of 4)
Robert “Marion” Berryout of office
Victor “Vic” Snyderout of office
John BoozmanPromoted to Senator
Mike RossRetiring
Arizona  (4 of 8)
John Shadeggout of office
Edward “Ed” PastorRunning for re-election
Harry Mitchellout of office
Gabrielle GiffordsResigned
California  (36 of 53)
Michael “Mike” ThompsonRunning for re-election
Walter “Wally” HergerRetiring
Daniel LungrenRunning for re-election
Doris MatsuiRunning for re-election
Lynn WoolseyRetiring
George MillerRunning for re-election
Nancy PelosiRunning for re-election
Barbara LeeRunning for re-election
Ellen Tauscherout of office
Jerry McNerneyRunning for re-election
Jackie SpeierRunning for re-election
Anna EshooRunning for re-election
Michael “Mike” HondaRunning for re-election
Zoe LofgrenRunning for re-election
Sam FarrRunning for re-election
Dennis CardozaRetiring
George Radanovichout of office
Jim CostaRunning for re-election
Lois CappsRunning for re-election
Howard “Buck” McKeonRunning for re-election
David DreierRetiring
Howard BermanRunning for re-election
Adam SchiffRunning for re-election
Henry WaxmanRunning for re-election
Hilda Solisout of office
Diane Watsonout of office
Maxine WatersRunning for re-election
Jane Harmanout of office
Laura RichardsonRunning for re-election
Jerry LewisRetiring
Gary MillerRunning for re-election
Joe BacaRunning for re-election
Ken CalvertRunning for re-election
Mary Bono MackRunning for re-election
John CampbellRunning for re-election
Susan DavisRunning for re-election
Colorado (3 of 7)
Diana DeGetteRunning for re-election
Thomas “Tom” Tancredoout of office
Ed PerlmutterRunning for re-election
Connecticut  (4 of 5)
John LarsonRunning for re-election
Rosa DeLauroRunning for re-election
Christopher Shaysout of office
Christopher MurphyRunning for Senate
Delaware  (1 of 1)
Michael Castleout of office
Florida  (13 of 25)
Allen Boydout of office
Corrine BrownRunning for re-election
Ander CrenshawRunning for re-election
Adam Putnamout of office
Vern BuchananRunning for re-election
David “Dave” WeldonRunning for re-election
Tim Mahoneyout of office
Kendrick Meekout of office
Ileana Ros-LehtinenRunning for re-election
Robert Wexlerout of office
Debbie Wasserman SchultzRunning for re-election
Ron Kleinout of office
Alcee HastingsRunning for re-election
Georgia  (4 of 13)
Sanford BishopRunning for re-election
John LewisRunning for re-election
James “Jim” Marshallout of office
David ScottRunning for re-election
Hawaii  (2 of 2)
Neil Abercrombieout of office
Mazie HironoRunning for Senate
Iowa  (3 of 5)
Bruce BraleyRunning for re-election
David LoebsackRunning for re-election
Leonard BoswellRunning for re-election
Idaho  (1 of 2)
Michael “Mike” SimpsonRunning for re-election
Illinois  (13 of 19)
Bobby RushRunning for re-election
Jesse JacksonRunning for re-election
Luis GutiérrezRunning for re-election
Rahm EmanuelMayor of Chicago
Danny DavisRunning for re-election
Melissa Beanout of office
Janice “Jan” SchakowskyRunning for re-election
Mark Kirkout of office
Gerald “Jerry” Wellerout of office
Judy BiggertRunning for re-election
Bill FosterRunning for re-election
Phil Hareout of office
Ray LaHoodout of office
Indiana  (4 of 9)
Joe DonnellyRunning for Senate
Mark Souderout of office
André CarsonRunning for re-election
Brad Ellsworthout of office
Kansas  (1 of 4)
Dennis Mooreout of office
Kentucky  (3 of 6)
Ron Lewisout of office
John YarmuthRunning for re-election
Harold “Hal” RogersRunning for re-election
Louisiana  (4 of 7)
Charles Melanconout of office
James “Jim” McCreryout of office
Rodney AlexanderRunning for re-election
Charles BoustanyRunning for re-election
Massachusetts  (8 of 10)
John OlverRetiring
Richard NealRunning for re-election
James “Jim” McGovernRunning for re-election
Barney FrankRetiring
Niki TsongasRunning for re-election
John TierneyRunning for re-election
Edward “Ed” MarkeyRunning for re-election
Michael CapuanoRunning for re-election
Maryland  (7 of 8)
Wayne Gilchrestout of office
Dutch RuppersbergerRunning for re-election
John SarbanesRunning for re-election
Donna EdwardsRunning for re-election
Steny HoyerRunning for re-election
Elijah CummingsRunning for re-election
Christopher “Chris” Van HollenRunning for re-election
Maine  (1 of 2)
Thomas “Tom” Allenout of office
Michigan  (9 of 15)
Peter “Pete” Hoekstraout of office
Vernon Ehlersout of office
David “Dave” CampRunning for re-election
Dale KildeeRetiring
Frederick “Fred” UptonRunning for re-election
Joseph “Joe” Knollenbergout of office
Sander LevinRunning for re-election
Carolyn Kilpatrickout of office
John DingellRunning for re-election
Minnesota  (5 of 8)
John KlineRunning for re-election
James “Jim” Ramstadout of office
Betty McCollumRunning for re-election
Keith EllisonRunning for re-election
James Oberstarout of office
Missouri  (5 of 9)
Russ CarnahanLost renomination
Ike Skeltonout of office
Emanuel CleaverRunning for re-election
Roy BluntPromoted to Senator
Jo Ann EmersonRunning for re-election
Mississippi  ( 1 of 4)
Charles “Chip” Pickeringout of office
Montana  (0 of 1)
North Carolina  (6 of 13)
Bob Etheridgeout of office
David PriceRunning for re-election
Howard CobleRunning for re-election
Sue MyrickRetiring
Melvin “Mel” WattRunning for re-election
Bradley “Brad” MillerRetiring
North Dakota  (1 of 1)
Earl Pomeroyout of office
Nebraska  (1 of 3)
Lee TerryRunning for re-election
New Hampshire  (0 of 2)
New Jersey  (8 of 13)
Robert “Rob” AndrewsRunning for re-election
James “Jim” Saxtonout of office
Frank PalloneRunning for re-election
Michael “Mike” Fergusonout of office
William “Bill” PascrellRunning for re-election
Rodney FrelinghuysenRunning for re-election
Rush HoltRunning for re-election
Albio SiresRunning for re-election
New Mexico  (1 of 3)
Heather Wilsonout of office
Nevada  (2 of 3)
Shelley BerkleyRunning for Senate
Jon Porterout of office
New York  (26 of 29)
Timothy BishopRunning for re-election
Steve IsraelRunning for re-election
Peter “Pete” KingRunning for re-election
Carolyn McCarthyRunning for re-election
Gary AckermanRetiring
Gregory MeeksRunning for re-election
Joseph CrowleyRunning for re-election
Jerrold NadlerRunning for re-election
Anthony Weinerout of office
Edolphus “Ed” TownsRetiring
Yvette ClarkeRunning for re-election
Nydia VelázquezRunning for re-election
Vito Fossellaout of office
Carolyn MaloneyRunning for re-election
Charles RangelRunning for re-election
Eliot EngelRunning for re-election
Nita LoweyRunning for re-election
John Hallout of office
Michael McNultyout of office
John McHughout of office
Michael Arcuriout of office
James “Jim” Walshout of office
Thomas Reynoldsout of office
Brian HigginsRunning for re-election
Louise SlaughterRunning for re-election
John “Randy” Kuhlout of office
Ohio  (10 of 18)
Jean SchmidtLost renomination
Charles WilsonRunning for re-election
David “Dave” Hobsonout of office
John BoehnerRunning for re-election
Patrick “Pat” TiberiRunning for re-election
Betty SuttonRunning for re-election
Deborah Pryceout of office
Ralph Regulaout of office
Timothy RyanRunning for re-election
Zachary “Zack” Spaceout of office
Oklahoma (4 of 5)
John SullivanLost renomination
Dan BorenRetiring
Tom ColeRunning for re-election
Mary Fallinout of office
Oregon  (3 of 5)
David WuResigned
Greg WaldenRunning for re-election
Darlene Hooleyout of office
Pennsylvania  (12 of 19)
Robert BradyRunning for re-election
Chaka FattahRunning for re-election
John Petersonout of office
Jim GerlachRunning for re-election
Joe Sestakout of office
Patrick Murphyout of office
William “Bill” ShusterRunning for re-election
Paul Kanjorskiout of office
John Murthaout of office
Allyson SchwartzRunning for re-election
Michael “Mike” DoyleRunning for re-election
Charles DentRunning for re-election
Rhode Island  (2 of 2)
Patrick Kennedyout of office
James “Jim” LangevinRunning for re-election
South Carolina  (6 of 6)
Henry Brownout of office
Addison “Joe” WilsonRunning for re-election
James “J. Gresham” Barrettout of office
Bob Inglisout of office
John Sprattout of office
James “Jim” ClyburnRunning for re-election
South Dakota  (0 of 1)
Tennessee  (5 of 9)
Zach Wampout of office
Jim CooperRunning for re-election
Barton “Bart” Gordonout of office
John Tannerout of office
Steve CohenRunning for re-election
Texas  (15 of 32)
Kevin BradyRunning for re-election
Al GreenRunning for re-election
Michael ConawayRunning for re-election
Kay GrangerRunning for re-election
William “Mac” ThornberryRunning for re-election
Rubén HinojosaRunning for re-election
Silvestre ReyesLost renomination
Thomas “Chet” Edwardsout of office
Sheila Jackson-LeeRunning for re-election
Charles “Charlie” GonzalezRetiring
Lamar SmithRunning for re-election
Solomon Ortizout of office
Henry CuellarRunning for re-election
Eddie JohnsonRunning for re-election
Peter “Pete” SessionsRunning for re-election
Utah  (1 of 3)
Christopher “Chris” Cannonout of office
Virginia  (5 of 11)
Eric CantorRunning for re-election
James “Jim” MoranRunning for re-election
Frederick “Rick” Boucherout of office
Frank WolfRunning for re-election
Thomas “Tom” Davisout of office
Vermont  (1 of 1)
Peter WelchRunning for re-election
Washington  (4 of 9)
Rick LarsenRunning for re-election
Brian Bairdout of office
Norman “Norm” DicksRetiring
Adam SmithRunning for re-election
Wisconsin  (5 of 8)
Paul RyanRunning for re-election & V.P.
Tammy BaldwinRunning for Senate
Ronald “Ron” KindRunning for re-election
Gwen MooreRunning for re-election
David “Dave” Obeyout of office
West Virginia  (2 of 3)
Alan Mollohanout of office
Nick RahallRunning for re-election
Wyoming  (1 of 1)
Barbara CubinRunning for re-election


Official House vote:

Official Senate vote:…,_2012

Debt to the Penny


The compilation of the data contained herein is the product of hundreds of pieces of data manually collected, keyed-in and tallied by the author, who by his own admission is somewhat of a dunce.  Readers are encouraged to verify data points before operating heavy equipment.  The mess of a spreadsheet used to assemble this data can be found here: EESA 2008 votes CALCULATIONS, and the way the author actually wanted the infomation to display can be found here: EESA 2008 yes votes  This information may be re-broadcast in the interest of truth, Justice and the American way, without the consent of Major League Baseball, or the author.