Santelli And Shiller On Housing, Animal-less Spirits, And Bernanke's Impotence

"We've seen rallies that fizzle before" is why Bob "I don't see the reason to call this a major turning point" Shiller is not calling the bottom in the housing market as he notes that while momentum helps, "right now it is partly seasonal" in an excellent reality-based discussion with CNBC's Rick Santelli. From the rise and fall of Greenspan's nationwide housing market correlations (not convinced this is anything but idiosyncratic) to the fact that a 'bottom' does not mean a recovery is coming and his expectations of longer-to-wait; the esteemed gentleman, dismissing concerns over rising interest rates and house prices - and pointing out how mortgage rates do not help forecast a house price recovery, makes a vital point: "Why the urgency" to buy a house? Despite the 'money for nothing', Shiller and Santelli explain there is "no way for Bernanke to change our 'animal spirits'" and his ZIRP is in fact psychologically damaging not invigorating. Absolute must watch!