Greek Troika Talks End Abruptly Following "Complete Disagreement"

What the Spanish rumor of a bailout lite (as a reminder, the full blown Spanish bailout has already been largely priced in, and today's action is a very confused market pricing in a second, bailout-lite) giveth, Greece taketh away. 

From ANA via From Bloomberg:

A second meeting between the heads of the EU-IMF troika mission in Athens and Greek Labour Minister Yiannis Vroutsis on Tuesday afternoon ended abruptly a few minutes ago, after the two sides hit deadlock for the second time in the same day.


Sources in the labour ministry cited "complete disagreement" between the two sides on the issue of three-year wage maturation periods. They said that the labour ministry had been prepared to continue the talks but the representatives of Greece's creditors had departed.

MSM spin on how this is bullish, and worth at least another 10 ES points (because the one thing that will force Congress to compromise on a Fiscal Cliff is the S&P at all time highs... /sarc) due imminently.