Boehner Speaks Again

Update: ES moves down a whopping 1 pt when Boehner says "we are broke."

Update 2: Boehner ends about 3 minutes in, nothing notable to report: the GOP is waiting for a proposal from the White House, which in turn is waiting for a proposal from the GOP. And so on.

If the past few days' silence from D.C.was supposed to indicate progress in Fiscal Cliff talks between the GOP and democrats, then will today's impromptu press conference by Boehner be spun as even more indicative of progress? This may be complicated when he admits, once more, there has been none to talk of. Luckily, Boehner has long since served his duty, with his November 16 conference when he and Pelosi single-handedly stopped the market from plunging to 2012 lows, and AAPL from getting a 4 handle. All his subsequent appearances have been quite superfluous. Watch him live below.


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