The Magic Money Printer: The Solution To All Of Life's Problems, Now Available For The Low, Low Price Of $4.79

The Fed has one, the ECB has one, the BOE, BOJ, SNB also have one. Even Zimbabwe has one. And anyone close to them is filthy rich and has nothing to worry about, ever again. So it is only fair the "Magic Money Printing Machines" which are now the bedrock of the "developed" world's economies, should be made available to everyone. And at a price of just $4.79, soon everyone can be a self-made (literally) trillionaire, and live in filthy Keynesian opulence until the end of time.

Presenting: the Magic Money Printing Machine (Black), SKU: YM013X

Performance effect: Print a piece of white paper and the paper turns to the money note.


Preparation: Place one note or two notes in the printing machine, prepare a piece of white paper in the same size as the note.


1. Place the white paper in the other side of the machine.


2. Revolve the machine and the money note comes out.


3. As the paper in machine moves in s-shape, the white paper enters in one side and the note comes out in another side of the machine.

End result: Keynesian wealth for everyone. And lots and lots of magic.

Package contents:

1 × Magic Money Printing Machine
1 × White Paper
1 × Money Note
1 × User Manual


Coming soon to a socialist, Keynesian utopia near you: the Magic Money Printer sequel - the Magic Money Tree.


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