A Clinton Scorned - "What Difference Does It Make"

Hell hath no fury... After an extensive 24,500 word hearing, it would appear we are not really any closer to knowing who knew what when and why we weren't told. However, while the invisible hand of the word-cloud fairy found it useful to highlight the words 'People', 'Think', and 'Know', perhaps it was Hilary's infuriated outburst (clip below) when pressed on what happened that sums it all up in her eyes: "What Difference Does It Make?" It seems that once again 'they' know what is best for us to know and not know... Furthermore, her discussion of the US growing presence in Africa fits tightly with our previous comments on the next investing horizon.



The hearing word-cloud:


But perhaps the only relevant statement in the entire theatrical presentation was the following:

...we don't have assets of any significance right now on the African continent. We're only building that up.


And so what do we need in Africa?


What countries will welcome us there, give us, both our military and civilian teams, a good, safe base out of which to operate?


So we're focusing just on Africa, and particularly North Africa right now

Why is Africa suddenly so important to the US State Department? Perhaps it has something to do with this...