HSBC Leaving Even Ordinary Street Robbers Disappointed Now?

Following the record July fine lobbed against HSBC for "money laundering and terrorist financing", which however as usual resulted in no criminal charges against anyone because as Assistant AG Lanny Brauer explained, the bank is just too big and the US does not bother pursuing such trivial things as "justice" against banks that may have "ripple effects" on the economy, the fourth largest banks in the world by assets is no longer relevant to the bulk of criminal customers who would have otherwise done illegal business with it. Moments ago we learned that HSBC may not be much of interest to that other breed of criminals - ordinary street thugs.

As NY Scanner reports, moments after a robber held up the HSBC branch at 2681 Broadway, the disappointed perp promptly realized he has no cash to show for it, and moved on to rob a Bank of America at 2770 Broadway. Since there have been no further updates on this particular disenchanted robber, we have no idea if the Bank of America branch had any more cash than the HSBC one.

The HSBC branch in question:

Luckily, as custodian of the GLD and SLV silver holdings, we have no doubt in our minds that while HSBC may have had some problems with holding some cash in inventory at such an otherwise cash-free venue as a bank branch, it certainly has all the precious metals it purports to be warehousing and storing for third parties in London and elsewhere. Just hope the Bundesbank does not ask for any deliveries.

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