Santelli & Bianco Crush Conventional Wisdom

With Dow at 14,000 and rates rising, those that need to take commissions and get their ratings up are seeing the 'conventional wisdom' seemingly proved right. However, Rick Santelli does not see it quite as clearly. Bianco Research's James Bianco joins Santelli for what they call 'mythbusting' as the two skeptics rightfully expose the unreality of the 'fiscal cliff' fears, the untruth that is the 'Great Rotation' due to tax concerns ahead of the fiscal cliff, and dismal performance of the Fed's failed forecast ranges. As extreme monetary policy continues (crisis-mode) - seemingly in absolute opposition to what the talking heads will say about jobs and the economy - Santelli and Bianco conclude that "right now the market is not bothered by [the Fed setting rates], but at some point it might be, Trust Capitalism" as they reiterate the need for Market Forces to be allowed to act. 3 minutes well spent.