The Cyprus Cartoon Catalog

(h/t Pater Tenebrarum of Acting Man blog)

Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words and with markets treading water ahead of any news out of Cyprus, Russia, or Brussels, we thought some brief levity (if not irony) was in order. Here are a number of excellent cartoons on the Cyprus situation from how we got here to where we are going...


How It All Started:

Greece drag

Cyprus: dragged down by the Greek ship

(Cartoon by etci)


Where it is going:

air cyprus-

A new exit ramp for Air Cyprus

(Cartoon by Aleksandr Zudin)


The Automated Barber Machine:

Kipper Williams on Cyprus

The new EU-style haircut points.

(Cartoon by Kipper Williams)


European Problem Solving:


Just push …

(Cartoon by KS)


Cyprus – Plan C:

Kipper Williams on Cyprus

An opportunity to implement Plan C suddenly opens up …

(Cartoon by Kipper Williams)


Laundry Problems:

washing machine

A broken washing machine is encountered …

(Cartoon by Patrick Chappatte)


Unarmed Robbery:

no need for guns

You can put those guns away lads

(Cartoon by mac)


Unexpected Cash Grab 1:


Reverse Bank Robbery

(Cartoon by Patrick Chappatte)

Unexpected Cash Grab 2:


You never know what lurks on the other side of the ATM …


And The Moscow (Times) Angle