CBOE, World's Largest Option Exchange, Offline

In a market in which nothing matters, and where all risk asset values are set by central planners, it took a while for those unlucky few who still actually trade, to realize that the CBOE was offline all morning, hitting VIX, and various other options products. After all the CBOE just happens to be the world's largest options exchange. According to the website currently the bulk of systems are operating normally, but according to traders on the ground this is not true, and as the CBOE also notes, the C1 system is still down.

It begs the question if the VIX is offline, just where is the actual VIX feed coming from.

Frankly, who cares: can the Fed just leak the closing S&P500 pricing fix from the Liberty 33 market making desk so we can all just go home.

From the CBOE website:


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