Live Protestcam From Madrid

It is balmy, spring weather outside: the kind of weather one can't blame NFP, GDP, retail sales or German ZEW misses on. Which means Europe's protest season is now officially open.

Courtesy of El Pais, we present this live feed of today's protest from Spain, where as reported previously, youth unemployment is now over 57% (which is good news as there is only 43% before youth unemployment can only improve) so the majority of those 25 and under really have nothing better to do than throw stones at the riot police, and vice versa. For now the protest is largely languid, as it is still siesta time. Once night falls, however, we expect to upgrade the protestcam to riotcam, outlook escalating.

Marketwatch with more for what is on today's protest agenda:

On the website of En Pie – 25A, an itinerary was laid out for the  ”Day of Liberation,” which was set to begin at 5 p.m. local time in Madrid, with protests planned at three major plazas in the city, including the central Puerta del Sol, and work their way toward the Congress. Their goal, or “accion principal”: Asedio y liberacion definitiva del Congreso de los Diputados, which roughly means a siege and final liberation of Congress.


On the Facebook page of Asedia el Congreso, some 93,000 people were invited to the protest, and some 5,800, or more, said they’d be attending. The Web page came with this slogan:  ”We won’t keep playing by your rules. Our patience has run out, and we aren’t afraid, and we will change the rules of the game.”


The police in Madrid were taking no chances, with some 15 people reportedly detained. El Mundo reported that those individuals possessed material to cause fires. And another 11 persons were detained for carrying clubs and chains and reputedly trying to “provoke incidents” in the Universidad Complutense zone in Madrid. Those persons had reportedly closed doors and detained and threatened 20 professors and university workers. About 1,400 police were reportedly in the city center ahead of the protests. (La Vanguardia was blogging directly about the protests.)

So sit back, grab a sangria, snack on some jamon, and watch as nothing whatsoever changes.


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