And Another Vertical Stock Ramp

Update: we have isolated the reason for the ramp. The latest stop hunt in the Stalingrad & Poorski 471 is attributed to the Chinese finance minister Lou who said that China H1 growth will be slower than 7.7%. Remember: the faster the global economy goes to hell in a handbasket, the faster global equities hit infinity.

* * *

Whoever said perfectly broken and centrally-planned markets were boring.

In this space we would normally insert a chart of the S&P500 here but that would just be waste of NSA spy server space: just imagine a flat line and then a sudden vertical spike higher to new all time record highs on absolutely no news.

Some attribute the rapid move to a rumor that Hilsenrath will release an article explaining what Hilsenrath said on TV earlier today. Most, however, just don't care anymore.

What is there to comment: the house of cards will keep rising until there is a gust of wind.