Santelli Exposes The Gaping Hypocrisy Of The "Rubber-Stamping" Politicians

Unfortunately for almost every politician in the US, the way-back machine is fully functional in our new technologically miraculous normal. These are "strange times," CNBC's Rick Santelli notes, as he begins to systemically destroy the credibility of all the gaping wide mouths of the politicians (on both sides of aisle) that doth protest too much over the debt-ceiling debate. Santelli is breathless in his rage at the hypocritical comments of the Democrats based on their views from 2006 (when "W" was in the White House) as they decried the "rubber-stamping" of fiscal irresponsibility (raising the debt ceiling) of the Republican Congress. His ire raises as he shines a light on Harry Reid (Dem.) and Charles Grassley (Rep.) among others.

Harry Reid (Dem) - March 16 2006

"Any objective analysis of our conutry's fiscal history would have to conlcude this administration & this rubber-stamping Republican Cogress are the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of our country."

All Democrats voted against the rise in the debt ceiling - which in the end won by 52-48

Charles Grassley (Rep.) - March 16, 2006

" increase in the debt limit to $8.97 trillion was essential to preserve 'the full faith and credit of the federal government..."

Coburn - March 16, 2006

"We don't have too little money in the government. What we have is not enough will to cut the spending or reform the programs."

and as far as the fearmongery over a US downgrade - from Moodys:

"... a debt ceiling impasse & a government shutdown are unlikely to affect the US sovereign rating because the agency is focused on the long-term debt outlook."

Of course - they have also been told not to downgrade, but still... the grand-standing continues...

As Santelli rages "just give us some consistency..." and honesty perhaps...