Market Idiocy Full Frontal: Round Three

First there was TWTRQ - the ticker for Tweeter Home Entertainement (which exploded 650% higher when the TWTR IPO was announced); then came NEST - the ticker for Nestor Inc. (which exploded 4900% higher when Google announced its acquisition of the thermostat maker Nest); and , drum roll please... today (just as we warned last night) the market's sheer idiocy is exposed once again in the form a 900% gain in the ticker symbol MYRA - the ticker for Myriad Emtertainments (following the President's unveiling of his MyRA savings plan last night)... we have no comment...


Today's epic rally... (as $120 investment)


and our warning last night...

One final point: in the aftermath of the demonstration that the market is run by absolute idiots, courtesy of TWTRQ and NEST, we fully expect that tomorrow Myriad Entertainment & Resorts, stock ticker MYRA, trading at a lofty price of $0.00, will soar tomorrow to, what else, Obama's target price of $10.10.


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