The Ira Sohn Hedge Fund Pitchfest Is Today; Here's How They Did Last Year

For 18 years, the Ira Sohn Conference has enabled hedge fund managers to pitch their best long (and short) ideas to the rest of the investing public. This year's speakers include Bill Ackman, David Einhorn, Jeff Gundlach, Jim Grant, and Paul Tudor Jones. Listen carefully, trade accordingly, but bear in mind the following table when judging just how masterful of the universe these guys really are...


Last year's performances...


h/t @ReformedBroker


Here is the schedule:

1205 Michael Novogratz
1220 Chris Shumway
1235 Jeffrey Gundlach
1250 Dan Ariely
1305 Philippe Laffont


1405 Larry Robbins
1420 Zach Schreiber
1450 James Grant
1505 William Ackman
1610 Paul Tudor Jones
1625 Joel Greenblatt and Idea Contest winner
1640 Mariko Gordon
1655 David Einhorn


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