Is There Anything Wrong With These Charts?


By now it is clear to everyone that the market is rigged, manipulated and broken. But this rigged, manipulated and broken? Honestly, we don't know, hence our question: is this now "normal" or are these just the death throes of a  "market" busted beyond all repair?

AMZN stock trades in a 50c range for 4 hours after today's HFT hearing (following which nothing as usual will happen) ends, as if to make a statement..


FLAT (a Treasury Flattener ETF) offer went from $58 to $4000 in 5 seconds...


And then there's this...


As Nanex shows in great detail...

15:49:41 Flash Crash Event

On May 13, 2014 at 15:49:41, a dozen or more large cap stocks suddenly jumped or dropped in price. A few charts below.


All of the following completely unrelated and independens stocks had a flash crash or smash at exactly the same instant.

1. AOL.

2. CNQ.

3. LO.

4. NBR.

On May 13, 2014 at 15:49:41, at least 28 stocks suddenly jumped or dropped in price in what can only be viewed as a flash-crash (or smash).


Just remember: as long as the general direction of the market is up and to the right, nobody cares.

Here's all 28 stocks affected...