JPMorgan's Advice To College Students: "Saving Is Not Enough: You Need To Invest"

Now that the rigged market jig is up, and the aging Baby Boomers - those who had some stocks in their discretionary accounts to begin with - have turned to outright sellers of equities (and in fact are doing so "in droves" as reported last week), primary dealers and hedge funds - tired of tossing overvalued hot potatoes among themselves and with the Fed gradually phasing out its daily market goosing - are in desperate need of a new buyer. They may have just found their mark. According to JPMorgan's sage advise to wannabe students, "it is not enough to save for college anymore, you need to invest."

So if grandma and Joe Sixpack refuse to enter the rigged casino, the one remaining "investor" is clear: those that have a record $1.1 trillion in student debt already. Because at the end of the day, what is a few more trillion in government-funded loans - which will clearly never be repaid - to buy stock purchases at the all time highs?

Source: JPM, h/t @noalpha_allbeta