Bring Your Own Guillotine: Anti-Monarchy Protests Break Out Across Spain

The news of Spain's King Carlos' abdication this morning warranted barely a headline in the US media. However, once again, the simmering social unrest of nations full of repressed citizens burst into action as widespread anti-monarchy protests erupted across Spain. On the heels of last week's European elections that saw extreme left and extreme right parties, it seems the Spanish monarchy's move has lit the blue touch paper in a nation still suffering from record high unemployment and record high suicide rates. Protesters carried guillotines and chanted "Neither king nor master" and "Long live the struggle of the working class" demanding a referendum.


A Pre-Franco Republic flag covers a guillotine at one anti-monarchy protest...


Via Publico (via Google Translate)

Cities all over Spain and outside the territory held demonstrations to demand a referendum for the citizens is to choose the form of government. The Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Catalunya, the main points

La Puerta del Sol de Madrid se llenó nada más dar comienzo la concentración por la República.

"Spain is republican", "at the Third", "referendum now." And dozens. Hundreds. Thousands of messages flooded social networks after the announcement of the abdication of the king. 's citizens mobilized and called from concentrations 20 hours in the streets of cities all over Spain and outside the territory to require that a people to decide the form of state and the probate process does not continue.

Political parties that have joined so far, this petition are Izquierda Unida, and we Equo. The tricolor was flown Monday in some municipalities and even the building of Les Corts Valenciennes. In most cases they have been representatives of leftist parties, mainly IU, which personam have placed the flags, although the City of Altafulla (Tarragona) affixing the Republican banner has been driven by the team of government.

Public live narrated what has happened in the streets, the Puerta del Sol in Madrid as the main reference point for mobilization:

22.42 The largest concentration took place in Madrid's iconic Puerta del Sol This is followed by the Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona. Concentrations were replicated throughout Catalunya, Tarragona, Girona and Lleida. As in the Basque Country, which highlights the Bilbao, with thousands of people at the Arriaga square. In Seville's Plaza Nueva in Granada, Valencia, Zaragoza, Salamanca, Burgos, Palma de Mallorca, in various cities of the Principality of Asturias, Extremadura. The cry has been resounding: image demonstration in Logroño.


22.38 In the following link you can see a photographic look at the various concentrations: The tricolor wanders throughout Spain.

22.35 At all points of Spain concentrations were performed. From Murcia to Asturias. Dozens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people have taken to the streets by the Republic and to claim that citizenship is to choose on the continuity of the monarchy.

22.33 A protester in the Puerta del Sol: "In 78 decided to put on the throne the puppet dictator Now let's put the son of the dictator puppet I say. defect." says Tristan, which is defined as a student and worker precarious, reports Irene White.

22.30 After the ceremony in the Plaza Catalunya, protesters have begun to move to the Sant Jaume square, home to the Government and the City of Barcelona, ??reports Europa Press.

22.26 Thousands of people have also taken to the streets in Galicia to demand a referendum in favor of a "Galician Republic." Image of Europa Press:


22.20 In Paris, hundreds of people have also focused to claim the right of Spaniards to decide in a referendum. The mobilization was organized through social networks by the collective support in Paris for the match and we Garnet Tide, a network of international meetings aimed at coordinating the Spanish immigrants. "Neither thieves nor Bourbons. People decide. Can" was among the slogans of concentration, which mainly Spanish residents gathered in the French capital, reports Europa Press.


22.18 Protesters prevents the mouth of the Madrid Metro New glass dome at the center of the Puerta del Sol closes, specifically block fence that opens and closes automatically from inside the mouth Metro and gives access to Renfe, reports Irene White.

22.14 In the summer resort of Casa del Rey also protest against the monarchy. Concentration in Palma de Mallorca. Royalty Efe:

22.12 According to sources in the government delegation, 200 people gathered in Toledo, 400 in Albacete, Cuenca and other 200 300 in Guadalajara, reports Europa Press.

22.10 Overview of the Puerta del Sol The best summary of the number of people who have gone to the bullring. Royalty Efe:

22.05 Some of the slogans chanted in the Puerta del Sol, "Neither king nor master"; "No two without three, republic again"; "Long live the struggle of the working class"; "The Bourbons sharks."


21.48 "The abdication of such a controversial figure is an opportunity to question the institution of monarchy and to open a debate about whether there should be no. believe that people should be able to decide if they want the head of state is a monarch "says Aymara de la Torre, International Relations student from Madrid, reports Irene White. Attendees talk about social rights, to advance, the need for change in Spain. Younger asked to participate in a new process. They think they live in a country where they could not be participants and believe that this is the time to do so, reports Mario Ruiz, also from the Puerta del Sol

21.44 Overview of the concentration in Barcelona. Reuters photo:


Just good news that Spanish bond yields are all time record lows... or there would be real problems in the country!!