Amazing Gartman Does It Again: "We Are Going Back To Being “Pleasantly” Long "

It has become clear that no price is too small to subsribe to Gartman's newsletter just to always, always, do the opposite of what is recommended.

From his July 10th letter to "clients"



following the release yesterday afternoon of the latest minutes from the FOMC which make it very clear that the Fed’s propensity to tighten monetary policy in the near future is near zero. We may have thought that the market was over-bought and due for a correction, but we are going back to being “pleasantly” long rather than market neutral for the Fed’s wind is at our back.


We are not quite as openly long of the market as we have been at times, but certainly we are considering being so given that we believe the Fed’s comments and we believe the Yellen Fed’s current philosophy.

In other news, sorry Tom Stolper: when it comes to reco fades you have now been officially eclipsed.

The new and undisputed all time champ:


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