Debunking Robert Reich’s “Inequality For All”

Recently, I watched Robert Reich’s “Inequality For All” documentary, which attributed the very serious problem of growing wealth inequality in the Americas, Africa, the EU and Asia to every single factor except the primary one – Central Bankers and fractional reserve banking.  If you watch this documentary without a critical eye, the reasons given by former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich for growing wealth inequality in America seem reasonable and well thought out on the surface.  However, once you start peeling back layers to his arguments, one will discover that Reich attributes causation of wealth inequality to correlated factors when there is often  little causation or sometimes no causation at all.


Below is my one-hour video debunking all the critical points Reich raises in “Inequality for All.”  Yes, this video is quite long. However, the length was necessary for me to properly critique the reasons given in this documentary behind growing global wealth inequality.


Please click the above photo and then click the text “Watch This Video on YouTube” to play the video


P.S. Sorry about the frame rate in the above video as we didn't realize until the end of the video that the low lighting conditions would cause low frame rates.


About the author: JS Kim is the Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU,  a fiercely independent research and consulting firm that focuses on intelligent ways to preserve wealth during these global currency wars.