The Fate Of The "Free Market" Is In Their Hands

Of the 298 Bloomberg Terminal users that are currently registered with the New York Federal Reserve Board (according to Bloomberg Search), the great majority are "red" today - celebrating Indigenous People's Day we assume. However, while everyone's favorite "market intervenor"(sic), Kevin Henry, currently spearheading the NY Fed's Chicago office, remains "grey"- preferring not to share his status with the world after this - there are a few traders and analysts hard at work maintaining the status quo with "Trader/Analyst" Yan Chow appearing the most capable of holding up US stock markets without the aid of a bond market safety net.

These are the only non-red or grey members of the 298 Bloomberg terminal users today...


But of the lit and semi-lit BBG subscribers listed above, none is more important than the only "green" trader - Yan Chow... formerly of Lehman and Paulson & Co!?


So if we close Green and your paper wealth has been safeguarded today, please think of Chow when Christmas card time comes around.