Only in America: Snow Looters Pillage A Dorito's Truck

Because nothing says "living The American Dream" like looting an abandoned Doritos truck in the middle of a Buffalo, NY snow storm...


As reports,

According to The Public, several social media users have reported seeing a Doritos truck in South Buffalo, apparently abandoned by its driver in the lake effect snow storm. The vehicle appeared to be stuck in several feet of snow.



Photos showed several people entering the back of the truck, and leaving with snacks.



"Just saw apparently some people stole Doritos out of an abandoned truck. Doritomageddon?" Eddie Lee wrote on Twitter.



Jeremy Cohn of Toronto's Global News tweeted that he "saw several men stealing chips from inside this abandoned Doritos truck" as well. He also posted a picture of the vehicle with its back door wide open.


"Just some people casually robbing the Doritos truck on Seneca Street. How typical," Angela Oestereich of Buffalo added on Facebook, along with photos of the alleged perpetrators.

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Stay classy South Buffalo...