About That $40 Billion Uber-Valuation: Mapping Where Uber Has Been Banned Around The World

Just a week after raising capital implying a $40 billion-plus valuation, Uber is coming under significant pressure as their operations are banned in various nations, death threats in others, and some of its drivers were accused of committing crimes against customers and the public. As the following map shows, there is room for growth but increasingly Uber's disruption is being disrupted...


Chart: Reuters

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From death threats in Greece:

“Thymios Lymberopoulos, the outspoken president of Attica’s taxi federation, on Thursday declared that any cab drivers found to be working with international ridesharing service Uber, which recently extended its operations to Greece, should be “hanged.”


“Any cabbies who betray the taxi, like modern-day Judases, for 30 pieces of silver, should be hanged,” Lymberopoulos wrote in comments on his Facebook profile page. “The war has just begun,” he wrote, adding that all taxi owners should keep their eye on drivers renting their vehicles.

Uber's week of woes is continuing with:

Authorities in San Francisco and Los Angeles taking legal action against the internet-based taxi firm. District attorneys in San Francisco and Los Angeles claim Uber made "untrue or misleading representations" regarding the quality of its own background checks on drivers.

It has been banned from operating in New Delhi following the alleged rape by a driver of a female passenger.

Meanwhile, a judge in Madrid has ordered a temporary halt to the service and Thai authorities say the firm lacks proper registration and insurance.

Uber is yet to comment on the latest legal cases against it.
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But apart from that - yeah it's worth $40 billion - why not!!!!