Element Of Surpwhat? Pentagon Reveals Details Of Iraq Military Offensive Involving Up To 25,000 Troops

First, the US openly allows potential Jihadist elements (don't worry, the answered "moderate" on the questionnaire) to call in B-1B strikes, and now in all its Sun Tzu-esque brilliance, the Pentagon is handing out not only issuing press releases on its military invasion calendar, but its troops deployment numbers as well.

According to Reuters, the United States sees an Iraqi military offensive involving 20,000-25,000 troops to retake Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in April-May, a U.N. military official said on Thursday.

It was unclear just how many of these tens of thousands of preannounced troops will be CIA "agents on the ground", how many will be US "army trainers" and how many will be plain old General Issue. We expect the number to be substantially higher than what is publicly revealed.

According to Reuters "no decision has been made on whether small numbers of U.S. military advisers might need to be on the ground close to Mosul to direct close air support, the official said."

In other words, the second US invasion of Iraq is now not only in play but has been widely telegraphed to ISIS in advance.  The US official also added that Mosul was currently being held by 1,000 to 2,000 Islamic State fighters.... a number which is now set to rise substantially.

So with Iraq about to suffer its third US troop invasion the only question is just what will the truly spectacular "false flag" event be that manages to fully involve Syria's Assad as the true US adversary. Because, for those who are still confused, taking over Syria is what this has been all about from day one.

And the follow up question to that: just how will Putin respond now that a land assault in the middle east so close to Russian strategic pipeline interests, is imminent?