Who Is Telling The Inflation Truth? The Government Or Mickey Mouse

Originally posted at The National Inflation Asscoiation,

The Walt Disney Company announced yesterday that it has significantly raised the price of a single-day admission ticket to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Last year, Disney sold Magic Kingdom tickets for $99, which was up 4.21% from $95 in 2013. Disney announced yesterday that Magic Kingdom single-day admission tickets will now cost north of $100 for the first time in history – with ticket prices increasing by a shocking 6.06% from last year to $105.

Take a look at NIA’s brand new exclusive chart below of Disney’s shocking Magic Kingdom Ticket Price Inflation over the past 45 years compared to the official rate of U.S. price inflation based on the consumer price index (CPI) published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Disney’s 2015 Magic Kingdom Ticket Price Inflation Rate of 6.06% is the 2nd highest of the past 9 years and 4th highest of the past 24 years!

Disney has now announced a shocking 27 consecutive annual price increases for Magic Kingdom single-day admission tickets. In fact, for the 18th straight year – Magic Kingdom Ticket Price Inflation has exceeded the latest annual rate of U.S. price inflation based on the BLS’s CPI.



Disney’s 2015 price increase of 6.06% is an unbelievable 8.96X higher than America’s latest official full year price inflation rate of only 0.68%! For comparison, NIA has just created and published for you below an exclusive must see chart, which displays the ratio between Disney’s Magic Kingdom Price Inflation and the BLS’s CPI Price Inflation. You will see that Disney’s 2015 Magic Kingdom price increase has exceeded the latest official rate of U.S. price inflation – by the largest ratio in history!



To create a smoother picture of the data above, NIA has created a 5-year moving average of Disney World Magic Kingdom Ticket Price Inflation vs. U.S. CPI Price Inflation – along with a ratio showing the difference between the two moving averages. Over the last 5 years, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Ticket Price Inflation has averaged 5.08%, which is TRIPLE the 5-year average official rate of U.S. price inflation – the largest differential between the two moving averages since 1988.



Beginning at the time of Disney World’s grand opening in 1971 when Magic Kingdom tickets cost only $3.50, Magic Kingdom ticket prices have increased at a compound annual growth rate of 8.04% – nearly double the U.S. CPI’s compound annual growth rate of 4.13%. The U.S. CPI no longer accounts for the cost of maintaining the same standard of living in America.




The Magic Kingdom Price Inflation Rate provides a much more accurate view of real U.S. price inflation.