Guest Post: Yesterday Was A Very Sad Day For America

Submitted by Thad Beversdorf via First Rebuttal blog,

Well I found it incredibly sad yesterday watching our legislators in our own house of Congress give the foreign leader of a beggar nation (to the tune of $4 billion per annum) a standing ovation like he had just solved all of America’s problems.  But the fact is Netanyahu came to give a speech that was in direct conflict with that of the American president.

Now I’m no fan of Obama but I hold deep respect for the scope of the position of President of the United States of America.  And to have a nation that takes money from our tax payers only to turn around and use that money to buy off our tax payers’ representatives so they will pass foreign policy only concerned with Israel, gives me a rotting feeling in my stomach.

These paid for policies entitle Israel to utilize our Intelligence, our technology, our brave young men and women soldiers and our tax payer dollars to fight wars that have no benefit but much harm to America.  As for the legislators who would dare stand and plaudit a foreign leader whose intent is to circumvent our president here at home, and thus disrespect the presidency itself, well what can I say.  These bottom feeders are about as low and filthy as it gets.

I was literally sickened by the whole display yesterday.  For it was proof that the nation is now entirely lost.  America’s interests have been over run by foreign interests being targeted because our government is more concerned with their next campaign prospects than their duty and responsibility to America herself.

My initial reaction was anger.  I swore and cussed hoping that somehow I could make it feel better than it felt.  But alas that same sick throbbing in my gut hasn’t faded at all.  There are many brilliant works being published these days in an attempt to bring America back into the light.  But it seems that for every step forward these wayward bought and paid for scoundrels, who refuse to represent us in lieu of furthering their careers, push us three steps back.

For a legislator to allow himself to be paid off to support foreign interests above our very own interests is nothing short of treason.  I don’t say that lightly, I mean that quite literally.  If it is not treason to sell out the interests of one’s nation especially those who’ve sworn to uphold her interests, than there is nothing one could do to be prosecuted for such a crime.  The legislators who stood and applauded today are the same folks that point to Edward Snowden and call him a traitor and accuse him of treason and call for his head.

The nation has been lulled by the media, which is our government’s main weapon against its own people, to believe the doublespeak.  Patriotism is terrorism and terrorism is patriotism.  And so we go, now faster and faster, down the septic drain into an underworld that has been described in great detail by those who have a sense for what the future will bring; Orwell, Rand, Hobbes and Plato.

Where or how it ends nobody knows but we know it will be a ‘them’ and ‘us’ kind of world.  Where the haves, have everything and the have nots have nothing.  We are well on our way, just look around.  As I mentioned in a recent post the bottom 90% of Americans have lost 40% of their net worth since 2007.  We are on the precipice of losing the remaining 60% upon this next collapse.  But those on top will actually benefit.

You see the system is set up as a zero sum game.  It takes a great deal of effort, creativity and ingenuity to actually effectuate value.  It is far easier to simply steal wealth that is already created.  And so it is always a transfer from the bottom 90% to the top 10%.  But what the top 9.9% don’t realize is the top .1% will continue to transfer wealth until they have it all.

This sounds fantastic enough to be a movie or novel but this is how primitive behaviour works.  And this is where Hobbes may have been correct.  We will continue to fragment in to smaller and smaller familial groups until only one family rules the world.  And that will be our New World Order.  And once it is in place it will be nearly impossible to change.

Change will then require a revolution of astronomical proportions.  But if we can find the antidote soon and wake from our trance we can change the world.  Literally we can change the world.  We still have a vote but we need to learn how to use it.  I know when I talk about the grandeur like changing the world and the New World Order people tend to roll their eyes.  But what you don’t realize is that we are not far from the finish line, their finish line.

Your grandkids and great grandkids will be wishing they were born in Russia or China the same way young Chinese and Russian kids used to dream about America.  The corruption is so rife in today’s America that we no longer have any concern about the fact that the will of the people has been legislated out of the legislative process.  We the people no longer have a say.   And we don’t seem to care.  And that is why we are doomed.

Does the state of Israel disgust me with its views of superiority, claiming to be the chosen people of god, and loyalty to no one but itself?  Of course as it should everyone.  Does the fact that one automatically becomes an anti-semite if one publicly argues that Israel is a dangerous and corrupt political machine that uses back rooms and money to get her way bother me?  Yes of course it does as it should everyone.  Does it bother me that the US government has become nothing but an errand boy to the initiatives of Israel and the military industrial complex royal families in exchange for campaign promises?  Yes of course it does as it should everyone.  These are the realities of our world.

This unscrupulous relationship affects the entire globe.  It leads to wars that should not happen.  Collateral damage that is overlooked.  It results in the misallocation of resources and the enslavement of nations to dimly lit dictatorships.  For this relationship, that publicly states a mission of democracy and respect for human rights, is actually the antithesis to such things.  Its intent is to destroy any notion of self government.  This is why the zionists have partnered so readily with the military industrial complex having historically been on opposite sides of the aisle.

But what these two groups of self serving ‘Johns’ looking for whores to pay off realized is that they have a common end game, and that is to rule the world.  And they are well on their way.  It is horrifying as an American to struggle with the idea that in 10 years China or Russia may be better places to raise a family.  But these are not deliberate thoughts they are reactionary to what I see happening here at home.  I’m scared for what is to come.  I’m disgusted by how far we’ve fallen in so short a time.

Not 20 years ago we were leading the world into the longest period of global peace in modern history.  And then the NeoCons came to town.  The purchase of legislators by the neocons dates back to Rabbi Hillel Silver in the 1930′s and after.  The threats against presidents who put their own careers before this nation have been going on for 200 years.  And each time a legislator or a president cowers to such pressures the nation gets weaker.  Each time an American citizen becomes diluted to believing patriotism is cheering on a foreign leader who has proven himself to be a parasite time and time again, robbing this country of her young soldiers and her wealth, America gets weaker.

And for those of you that counter this commentary with I must be anti Israel well you are absolutely right.  I am.  I having nothing against the Jewish religion or people but I do hold a special disgust for Israel.  For those who know the true stories over the years, and those of you who know the real stories will know of which I’m talking about, there is no debate about the character of Israel.  It is side by side with the deteriorating character of America now skimming the bottom of the barrel.  Both have become entirely shameful.  Political fortresses built on lies and dirty money and nothing good can ever hope to come of such things.

Time has and will continue to prove me right on this.  I am certain.  I only hope that honest and good Americans and Israelis number enough to fight the internal war that is ravaging both nations.  I am hopeful but not naive.  And so I prepare for the continued destruction of a nation, once so grand the entire world put her on a pedestal and admired her brilliance.  Such a glow that only comes from inward goodness.  That glow is gone because that inward goodness is dead.

Today was a very sad day for me.  I literally felt a bit of my fire go out, a tiredness swept over me with that feeling of fighting the inevitable.  Perhaps it is better now to expend our energy on preparing for the worst rather than preventing the worst.  I don’t know.  I do know today was a very sad day for America.