Want A Low-Wage Job? Go To College

Simply put - if you want a low-wage job, go to college.



As EPI explains,

In 1979, only 56.7 percent of low-wage workers had a high school degree, compared with 77.5 percent in 2013.


Correspondingly, many more low-wage workers have attended at least some college or have a college degree, which the graph identifies as “college.” While only 23.9 percent of low-wage workers in 1979 had some college experience or a college degree, that group had grown to 44.2 percent by 2013.


Yet low-wage workers’ hourly wages have not improved much over this time.

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Think about that for one second... despite all the narrative about "getting on in life" and American Dreams... almost half of US graduates can do no better than a low-wage job...

Perhaps it is time to rethink the "college for everyone" meme as 'fair' and instead realize it is nothing more than government delaying the inevitable of a middle-class being down-trodden to debt-servitude for the good of the few at the top who need credit to be extended to any or everyone in order for the obvious unsustainability to be exposed for all to see.