Who Are Washington's Most Expensive Speakers?

Recently, we’ve taken a look at some of the details surrounding speeches made by Bill and Hillary Clinton. As discussed in April, Goldman Sachs paid Bill Clinton nearly a quarter of a million dollars for a speaking engagement before lobbying Hillary’s State Department in an effort to secure $75 million in financing for a Chinese company that would later purchase aircraft from a Goldman-owned manufacturer.

Seperately, we outlined Hillary Clinton’s keynote speech requirements which include the customary $225,000 plus a “chartered roundtrip private jet”, $1,000 for a stenographer, and a host of other “incidentals.”

But the Clintons actually come cheap compared to a certain former Fed chair. Here’s a look at speaking engagement rates for some well-known former and current US officials (and one real estate magnate whose relevance to this list isn't immediately discernable):


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Two words: "everyday Americans".