Greek Referendum Polls Close: "No" Seen Ahead By Most

At 7pm local time the Referendum polls closed. Here is what the early forecasts predict:

  • A poll by GPO on Mega TV gave 51.5% in favor of “no” and 48.5% in for “yes”
  • Metron Analysis on Antenna TV showed “no” leading with 52% vs 48% for “yes”
  • MRB on Star TV showed “no” leading with 49%-54% vs 46%-51% for “yes”
  • Marc opinion poll for Alpha TV shows “no” ahead with 49.5%-54.5% vs 45.5%-50.5%

(live feed)

Metron No's rising to 52% in the last poll:


Here is the latest breakdown by the various forecasters - Oxi ahead everywhere:


The Greek government is already releasing victorious proclamations:

Incidentally, a huge scream of "No" can also be heard in the vicinity of Sonnemannstraße 20 in Frankfurt am Main.

And perhaps just as loud screams are coming from the corner offices of various UK and Ireland based bookies, virtually all of whom had "Yes" as a sure bet with Paddy Power even paying out the "Yes" vote. Well, it may want to demand its money back because oops: suddenly the No's have it 80%.

2 hours until the first official results are out but if this result remains unchanged, CNBC may have to bring its "markets in turmoil" producers early from holiday vacation.