Finland Echoes Germany, Wants Greece Out; Five Other Nations Back Grexit

Initially it was just an unconfirmed report circulating in the German FAS media that the local FinMin had proposed a "temporary Grexit" option. Then it got some more traction when a ZDF journalist reported that it was much more than just speculation...

It now appears that this was not only not a rumor, but Schauble's sentiment is contagious: moments ago Finnish broadcaster MTV reported that first Finland, and then the Eurozone's smaller, if somewhat more solvent nations, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and even the Netherlands, support the German position on temporarily suspending Greece' Euro membership.

But... Schauble may just be following Merkel's orders, as the two are mmerely playing good cop, bad cop.

Finnish Kauppalehti confirms that the Finns party leader Timo Soini just said no to more Greek bailouts:

Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini According to the Finnish Government does not allow for supporting the Greek. "The starting point is of course the fact that Finland's responsibilities do not grow. It is a government program entry," Foreign Minister Timo Soini commented on a possible third rescue package for Greece to Ilta-Sanomat.

In which case one can forget Grexit: at this point of total diplomatic failure, one should be worried how long before all the other insolvent, if actively pretending to be doing ok, PIIGS have before the wrath of "Northern Europe" turns their way. As for Greece, it now appears just a matter of time.