The End Of Britain? Martin Armstrong On Jeremy Corbyn's Resurrection Of Marx

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Jeremy Corbyn, the infamous Karl Marx admirer, has been elected UK opposition Labour leader. 

Here is The Anti Media with a little color on the landslide victory...


People’s favourite Jeremy Corbyn became the new leader of Britain’s Labour Party on Saturday after racing to victory with 59.5% of the vote.


The election results, announced on Saturday morning from the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, declared that 422,664 votes were cast and saw Tom Watson elected as deputy leader of the Labour Party.


Corbyn now faces the resignation of up to a dozen shadow cabinet members who claim they will refuse to serve under the MP and cannot publicly support his policies. According to The Telegraph, a group of centrist MPs nicknamed “The Resistance” intends to hold a series of public policy debates about Labour’s future — in open defiance of their new leader.


During the last month, the Labour leadership campaign has seen trade unions double their number of signed-up supporters and 120,000 people pay £3 to register as supporters to be able to vote. The party’s website crashed as surges of people attempted to sign up at the last minute and Labour struggled to cope with almost 400,000 new members and supporters.


Corbyn’s anti-war stance and fierce criticism of regimes that others are falling over themselves to support has resulted in an unprecedented smear campaign against him, painting him as weak on terror. His biggest and best endorsement to date has to be vilification by Tony Blair, who warned the Labour Party would face annihilation if Corbyn were crowned  leader.


In addition to establishment hysteria at anticipation of Saturday’s result, The Times reported that David Cameron plans to claim the new leader poses a clear threat to Britain’s security since he questioned the latest drone strikes in Syria.

Corbyn is really communist who professes an admiration for Karl Marx. He is the new face of Britain’s opposition Labour party which will help to make a British EU exit more likely. The Marxist sophistry is rob anyone who has more.

They never understand that we all provide our piece of the economy that creates the whole. Many are starting to realize that this could be the downturn for Britain.


This is actually right on schedule for the other side of 2015.75 will be the battle of all time – Freedom v Authoritarianism.

People like Corbyn will inspire violent and the overthrow of capitalism for what they think will be the betterment of man. They are idiots and dangerous ones at that for you cannot eradicate human nature. Yet they will try.

I am routinely asked why to I resistance so persistently?

What I do, I do for my family and their future. If it were just me alone, I am ready to depart this world for I do not wish to live in the world Corbyn and others like him want to create. They cannot see that they seek to enslave me for their benefit. I am free and that is the true meaning of what Patrick Henry said so eloquently – “Give me freedom, or give me Death!”

Death to me is preferable to living in their world of subjugation. You do not appreciate what those word so profoundly mean until you are confronted with the true evil of Marxists.