The End Of ISIS? Iraq Air Force Claims It Struck Islamic State Leader's Convoy

Now that Obama is "debating" handing over the mess he created in Syria to Putin who in less than two years will have successfully expanded the Russian sphere of influence in both east Ukraine (and certainly the Crimea) and Syria - two nations where Samantha Power's plans for a CIA-led government overthrow have gone spectacularly bad - it means one thing: ISIS, as a pretext for US "humanitarian intervention" in the region, a CIA-created terrorist organization that must be wiped out, no longer needs to exist.

Which is why it was hardly surprising to read moments ago an Iraq military statement alleging that the country's air force has hit a convoy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

To be sure like all trial balloons, this one had very few details: the fate of the IS leader was unknown, the statement said. The strike has not been independently confirmed. The attack is said to have happened in western Anbar province, near the Syrian border and so on.

Considering that many have speculated that the ISIS head bogeyman doesn't even exist, it would not be difficult to make him disappear once again.

The Iraqi air force "bombed the convoy of the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while he was heading to Karabla to attend a meeting" with Daesh (IS) commanders", Sunday's statement said.

"The location of the meeting was also bombed and many of the group's leaders were killed and wounded," it added.

The full google-translated statement below:

A statement from the Interior Ministry about the bombing of the criminal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi convy


Interior Ministry bombed the criminal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi convoy


Managed cell hawks intelligence of the Agency and the Interior Ministry of Intelligence and based on accurate intelligence and coordination directly with the leadership of the joint operations of the implementation of the heroic operation targeting terrorist criminal procession Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dissuade move the procession to Karabilah area to attend a meeting of the leaders of the terrorist organization criminal. Where the hawks managed cell planes bombed the meeting place and kill a lot of leadership and organization of the injured is still unknown where the development of al-Baghdadi was taken in haste laptop and his health is unknown so far and will be released later killed the terrorist organization names in this heroic operation.

As BBC adds, There have previously been reports that the IS leader has been killed or seriously injured in attacks, but none was subsequently confirmed.

Rumours about Baghdadi's death surfaced earlier this year, after reports that he had been seriously wounded in an air strike in March by the US-led coalition that is opposing IS.

Reports that he was injured in 2014 were inaccurate.

Baghdadi has been careful to reveal little about himself and his whereabouts, and even his own fighters reportedly do not speak about seeing him face-to-face.

His likely fate: a deja vu "capture" by US special forces in the coming years in a very public place, one which leads to another "burial at sea" where nobody gets to see the actual body, and where the members of the "capture" squad mysteriously suffer tragic fates.

For now, however, expect ISIS to gradually disappear from the mainstream media's front pages.