Clash Of The Gods: It's Odin Versus Allah In Norway Where Social Upheaval Looms Large

Last month, we introduced you to “The Soldiers of Odin.”

The “soldiers” are Nordic patriots dedicated to keeping the streets of Finland, Sweden, and Norway safe from the threat posed by marauding gangs of Mid-East migrants hell bent on accosting women.

Well that, or they’re the Nordic equivalent of a biker gang set to capitalize on a groundswell of nationalistic fervor drummed up by the far-right in the wake of Europe’s worsening migrant crisis.

Obviously, the truth is somewhere in-between, but there’s significant comedic value in presenting the extremes.

In any event, the Finnish chapter of the “soldiers” says the group merely seeks to serve as a “preventive soothe” (to quote a Google translation of a statement from National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen) against the growing threat posed by refugees.

But not everyone sees it that way. "The leaders of the 'Soldiers of Odin' are proven to have criminal backgrounds, in cases of racist violence and other violent or drug offenses," Dan Koivulaakso, local politician and expert on rights movements in Finland says. The movement has spread to Norway, as is evident from the following visual: 

“Progress of course doesn’t give unlimited support to the Soldiers of Odin. But the situation is that we have for a long time had a situation in our streets that nobody wants, where crimes are committed and other actions we don’t want occur and the Norwegian police don’t have the resources to do the job. Thus we think that any citizen who wants to contribute to reducing insecurity and reducing crime should be praised for it,” the Progress Party’s Jan Arlid Ellingsen said earlier this week.

Norwegian PM Erna Solberg (who recently said she was willing to effectively contravene the Geneva Convention to keep Norway's border safe in the event Sweden "collapses") went out of her way to distance herself from the group. “The Soldiers of Odin have no place in keeping the streets safe. Dangerous values. Ellingsen’s remarks do not represent the government,” a Twitter post reads. 

Well as it turns out, Solberg isn't the only one opposed to the Soldiers. Norwegian Islamists aren't too happy about the group's proliferation either which is why they've formed the "Soldiers of Allah" that will, "in response to the infidels" patrol the streets of Oslo "to prevent evil and encourage the good." 

It wasn't entirely clear what "encourage the good" meant, but the group did send Norwegian media a picture of the black hoodies they'd be wearing and the shirts feature the ISIS flag. 

Vigilantism does not belong in Norway, whether they do it in the name of Odin or Allah," Hadia Tajik, the Norwegian Labour Party’s deputy leader said. "I assume that the police, who are the only ones who have the authority to patrol the streets and use force, are following these groups as closely as the circumstances require."

As for the Soldiers of Odin, they're quick to distance themselves from Allah's army but seem prepared to take the upstart group on. “When it comes to ‘Odin’s soldiers’ and ‘Allah soldiers,’ so we have two completely different starting points," Ronny Alte, a spokesman for “Soldiers of Odin" said. "We want safe streets but they want to use coercion and oppression. That they use a word like ‘infidel’ to describe us really forces a reaction from me. What will they do – force us to convert?”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is now a very real possibility that you will see a street brawl between right-wing hooligans who pledge allegiance to a bearded Norse god and extremists who are prepared to die for the prophet. And this is taking place in Norway. 

So please, mainstream media, tell us again about how tinfoil hat fringe blogs exaggerate the threat of societal disintegration.