Caught On Tape: Tear Gas Deployed As Migrants Revolt In France

Last month, we profiled Calais, or “the jungle” as it’s known.

The infamous refugee camp has been the subject of quite a bit of media coverage of late and now, France is tearing it down. "With the orange-vested workers again protected by dense lines of riot police as they knocked down huts with hammers and power tools, the debris then lifted into skips by diggers, a dozen or so migrants and activists climbed on to the roofs of shacks next in line to be demolished," The Guardian notes

The destruction of Calais has led directly to a move by Belgium to reinstate border controls as the country fears that the demolition of the camp will lead directly to an increased flow of migrants across the border. 

As RT notes, "police were called to the area after refugees, enraged by an earlier eviction, attacked trucks with stones, debris, and iron bars." Ultimately, police used tear gas to subdue the crowd." 

And here's what a migrant did to a makeshift shelter in the wake of the French government's decision to destroy the camp: