Trump Nomination Odds Tumble As 'Brokered Convention' Bets Soar

Update: The latest poll from left-leaning Publi Policy Polling found that Cruz leads with 38 percent support, with Trump right behind at 37 percent — within the margin of error.

Amid campaign-manager-assault-gate and the abortion fiasco, Donald Trump appears to be facing his own Waterloo. Polls show Cruz up by 10 points in Wisconsin and that has sent the odds of a brokered convention soaring to almost 70% and pushed Trump's odds of gaining the nomination down to 50%.



Interestingly, Paul Ryan's odds are surging...


Of course some context shows that Trump is merely back to mid-February levels of support (from the bettors) but still this trend is not the friend of the disenfranchised in America.

It appears once again The Establishment is winning... even as The Hill reports, the GOP is at a breaking point...

"This race is kind of at its boiling point," said Matt Mackowiak, a GOP strategist and contributor to The Hill. "As ugly as it is now, the two losing candidates at the convention are going to feel even worse."


Instead of helping to unify the GOP behind a candidate, as the primary process typically does, the race has instead created deep wounds between the candidates that are unlikely to heal.


The antagonism has been heightened by a particularly vicious stretch of campaigning involving allegations of adultery and pictures of the candidates’ wives.


"I believe that we're beyond the point in the campaign where we feel we can unify. There’s been too much bad blood that's been created," said GOP strategist David Payne, who said he would like to see Cruz win the nomination before the convention.

Finally, it seems the American public is starting to get fed up with the constant mainstream media coverage of Trump's very utterance or mean glance... Most GOP voters (63%), incl. 33% of Trump supporters, say too much press coverage of Trump.