Trump Lead Hits Record In New National Poll; Hillary Slides

A new fox poll was released yesterday, and it shows Donald Trump jumping out to a commanding 18 point lead over Ted Cruz in the Republican race for the nomination. As Fox News notes, Trump's best numbers are coming from voters without a college degree (54%), and who describe themselves as "very conservative (50%).

This is a significant boost to the Trump campaign, as just last month he only held a 3 point lead on Cruz.


Trump is also beating out Cruz by a wide margin among voters when asked which Republican has the best chance to beat Hillary, should she win the Democratic nomination.


On the other side of things, the race for the Democratic nomination has significantly tightened. Yesterday's poll showed Hillary Clinton holding a slight 2 point advantage over Bernie Sanders, who has a full head of steam heading into the New York primary. According to Fox, Clinton's support has declined 11 points among women, while support for Sanders is up by 9.

The tide seems to be shifting in the Democratic race, and all eyes will be turned to New York next week as Sanders tries to ride this momentum and somehow achieve the once unthinkable - winning Hillary's "home state."