There are many fine benefits of camping out. You might try it this weekend.

There are many fine benefits of camping out.  You might try it this weekend.  The month of May is certainly a fine time to camp in much of the Northern Hemisphere.  It is so easy even a caveman could do it.

What follows are some modest suggestions.

When I say camping out, I mean under a blanket, or maybe in a sleeping bag, on the ground, maybe with a pad, definitely not in a trailer, not in an RV, and not even in a tent.  If it rains, pull out a tarp, or at most a bivey sack.

Find a place that allows open fires and is away from the road, parking lot, and crowds.  Even the shortest of hikes will often dramatically reduce the number of other campers.

Leave the cell phone, radio, internet, and the rest of the world behind.

Bring along a kid, or several.

My God, just look at all the stars!

Stare at the campfire.  Poke it with a stick.  Watch the embers float into the night sky.  Think about your ancestors.

Allow your body and mind to experience the cold, hot, wet, hard, and dirty world that we are all perfectly designed to live in.

Drink some cold water from a stream.  Filter, boil, or treat it if you must.

Cook meals over a fire, not on a stove.  Use your knife to sharpen a willow branch then cook something on it, like a bratwurst that you put in your pack when it was still frozen.  Bake a foil-wrapped potato in the hot coals.  Start the fire in the morning and make coffee or tea.

Take a shit in the woods, and wipe your ass with some leaves.

Take a bath or swim in the ocean, river, or lake.

Make love in the tall grass, or on the sand.

Take a nap in the sunshine.

Enjoy your life.

What could possibly be better?