And Now Jose Canseco: "Brexit Will Crater The UK Into A Recession; Pound Will Faceplant"

Back in February, in the aftermath of the BOJ's shocking foray into negative rates, an unexpected monetary policy pundit emerged when none other than famous baseball slugger Jose Canseco said that NIRP in Japan is "blowing my mind"


A few days later, Canseco branched out from central bank criticism, and emerged as an aset advisor, urging his followers to buy gold (which has since become one of the best performing asset classes of 2016, significantly outperforming the S&P500).


Which brings us to today, when Canseco has once again reemerged as a financial commentator this time with a very gloomy forecast for Britain should it choose to "Brexit", predicting "the UK into recession and the pound will do a 25% faceplant. Capital will flee like its pants are on fire."

Which means that on the list of Brexit doom and gloomers we now have Soros, Rothschild and...  Jose Canseco.

We wonder if this trio of terror assures that if Brexit does win whether the UK economy will not only emerge unscathed, but will promptly flourish as a result...