124 Police Officers Were Killed In The U.S. Last Year

Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

Some more facts that don’t match the hero narrative. Police deaths while on duty are on pace to be at a record low in 2016, down 60% from the peak in 1974. Gun related homicides are also trending towards the lowest levels since 1900. In 1991 there were 24,700 homicides in the U.S.

Last year there were just over 16,000 homicides, down 35% while the population grew by 26%. The number of guns owned by American citizens has tripled since 1991.

Does this match the anti-gun narrative of the left and the popos? Does the government want to confiscate our guns because of crime or because they are worried we will use them against a tyrannical establishment? The militarization of police forces isn’t to protect us.

It’s to protect them from us.

Infographic: 124 Police Officers Were Killed In The U.S. Last Year | Statista
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Last Thursday night, a gunman in Dallas killed five police officers and wounded eight others, the worst toll on U.S. law enforcement since 9/11. It’s a dangerous job – 124 officers lost their lives last year with 51 dying so far in 2016. Generally, the number of police fatalities has fallen considerably since it peaked at 280 in 1974.