Swedish 'Cult' Unveils Cunning Plan To Defeat ISIS: Air-Drop 1000s Of Drone-Delivered Bibles In Iraq

In a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox, a major evangelical church in Sweden is preparing to use drones to 'bomb' areas of Iraq controlled by Islamic State with thousands of Bibles.

Arguing that even people who behead, enslave, burn, and otherwise generally torture other human beings, need a reminder that Christian love can reach them, even in places where they are being denied their freedom; as ChristianToday.com reports, The Word of Life (Livets Ord) church - the leading evangelical church in Sweden and is closely aligned with the Pentecostal movement in the US - based in the town of Uppsala, said it planned to release the devices from drones flying at high altitude.

The Local reported that the church's mission director Christian Åkerhielm told a Swedish broadcaster: 'Our ambition is to pass on the hope and love of the Christian gospel to a population living in closed areas where they are being denied human rights.


“The Bibles are the size of pill boxes and have a display. They require no electricity, but work on their own,” Christian Akerhielmm, the mission’s director, told SVT.


“The Bible has been found in all its forms through time, and we want to spread the message to those who need hope, for the Bible’s message gives hope.”


He said: 'We start our project in a few weeks and hope to drop thousands of Bibles.'


Each Bible will cost around 150 kronor ($17.50), the church says. It has been collecting donations for the cause.

With only 23% of Swedes believing in God, perhaps it is time to focus on domestic issues, although we did find the following quite ironic...

The Word of Life, founded sometime in the 1980s, is considered quite controversial in Sweden, due to critics believing it is a type of sect.



It is also the Sweden’s largest free church and runs a series of evangelical schools.


According to the Local, even the church’s founders Ulf and Birgitta Ekman abandoned their faith in 2014 and became Catholics.

One wonders how long before Clinton Foundation funds are pushed into this 'worthy' cause to save 'moderate' muslims from their extremist brethren with tiny infidel-built electronic bibles.