It's 'Coughing' Clinton Vs 'Teflon' Trump As Johnson, Stein Out Of First Debate

Not entirely surprising, Libertarian Gary Johnson (8.4%) and Green Party’s Jill Stein (3.2%) missed the 15% polling threshold for inclusion in the first presidential debate on September 26th; leaving Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to face each other across the stage.

As Politico reports,

Though Johnson and Stein satisfied two of the criteria necessary to participate – that they be constitutionally eligible and have achieved ballot access in a sufficient number of states to win a theoretical Electoral College majority – neither met the threshold on polling.

We suspect a lot of Millennials will be very angry, as we noted previously, 44% of them said they would vote for either Stein or Johnson (before his 'Aleppo' moment)...


As Bloomberg notes,

The Vice-presidential debate on Oct. 4 will include Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence only.


The Commission on Presidential Debates says that it will re-apply debate stage inclusion criteria ahead of 2nd and 3rd presidential debates.

Mano a (wo)mano...