Hillary Cancels Trip To Charlotte After Mayor Tells Her To Stay Home

Earlier this week Hillary announced that she would be visiting Charlotte, North Carolina as the city continues to deal with violent protests related to a police encounter that left Keith Lamont Scott dead.  Now Hillary has been forced to cancel her trip after Jennifer Roberts, Charlotte's Democratic Mayor and Clinton supporter, has asked Hillary to stay home citing "stretched resources for security" with police officers "working around the clock" to deal with protests. 

Ironically, as you may recall, this is exactly the reason Hillary supposedly elected to not visit Louisiana after severe flooding back in August saying that she would visit when the "presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response" of emergency responders.

Roberts request for Hillary to cancel her Charlotte trip came via an interview with Erin Burnett on CNN.

“We appreciate the support of the candidates. We appreciate that they are concerned about Charlotte.  At this point, we do have very stretched resources for security and they are working around the clock. If there would be a way to delay those visits in terms of giving us a chance to get our city back to order and back to more of a state of normalcy, that would probably be ideal.”



Shortly after the interview, the Hillary campaign announced plans to delay their trip to Charlotte in an effort to "not impact the City's resources."


The embarrassing cancellation came just one day after Hillary posted the following tweet calling on Charlotte police to release video of the Keith Scott shooting "without delay."


Ironically, Hillary's efforts to visit Charlotte offer a perfect contradiction to the reasoning she offered up for not visiting Louisiana back in August after devastating floods left 1,000's of people homeless.  Back on August 22nd, Hillary released the following tweet saying that she would visit Louisiana "at a time when the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response" of emergency responders. 

"The best way to help Louisianans affected by these terrible floods is to make sure they have the resources they need today. I am committed to visiting communities affected by these floods, at a time when the presence of a political campaign will not disrupt the response, to discuss how we can and will rebuild together."


As Fox points out, Hillary's decision to avoid Louisiana came despite calls from the Governor and other local officials for Obama and others to visit to draw attention to the need for donations to help displaced citizens.  


Of course, we're sure Hillary's decision to skip out on visits to Louisiana had nothing to do with her scheduled fundraisers at the same time with billionaires in Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket (see "Hillary Clinton Flies 20 Miles In Private Jet To Attend Rothschild Nantucket Fundraiser").

And the Trump campaign seized on the opportunity to point out "Hillary's bad judgement" referring to the decision as "dumb!"